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Finishing and repair work

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Since 2005

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One of the most reliable and coordinated teams of interior finishing professionals with 12 years of experience in provision of complex home installation, repair, and finishing services.

We offer you help with implementation of your dreams and unrestricted design ideas. We build the house of your dreams using advanced work equipment, solutions bsed on our long-standing experience, following our strict commitments and solid approach to work.

  • Reliability

    12 years of professional experience guarantee proven solutions and a team of interior finishing professionals whose competence can be relied upon.

  • Attention to details

    We set high quality standards to each and every task: tasks are performed with care and attention to details.

  • Respect for time

    Repair works require a lot of patience, therefore we respect our clients’ time and strictly adhere to the agreed deadlines.

Trust our team with your interior finishing works

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Services What we do

  • Services

    Ceilings and walls

    • Thermal insulation work

    • Plastering

    • Scraping/ washing off old paint/ wallpaper removal

    • Luting, polishing, priming

    • Painting

    • Wallpaper hanging

    • Fixing drip mould

    • Fixing corners

    • Suspended ceilings

    • Drywall installations

    • Tiling

  • Services


    • Installing parquet flooring

    • Installing laminate flooring

    • Installing parquet board

    • PVC flooring installation

    • Installing carpeting

    • Installation of baseboards

    • Tiling

    • Installation of tile baseboards

    • Waterproofing

  • Services


    • Installation of electrical wiring

    • Installation of beds for wiring

    • Laying of cables

    • Other electrical work

  • Services


    • Installation of water supply and sewage facilities

    • Placing and installation of bathtubs

    • Installation and connection of shower facilities

    • Installation and connection of toilets and sinks

  • Services

    (Dis) Assembly

    • Removal of wooden floors, walls and partitions

    • Removal of masonry walls and partitions

    • Removal of reinforced concrete walls and partitions

    • Disassembling of doors, windows and furniture

    • Disassembling of plumbing facilities

    • Chipping off, dismantling of old tiles

    • Installation of doors

    • Installation of frames

    • Installation of drywalls

We implement works
on different objects

  • private

  • apartments

  • industrial

  • commercial

  • apartment

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